Keep Moraga-Orinda Safe

There aren't enough firefighters to KEEP YOU SAFE

Firefighters keep our community safe. It’s that simple.

At a time when wildfire season is rapidly approaching – the best course of action is to ensure we have enough firefighters to get the job done. Currently, the number of firefighters in the Moraga Orinda Fire District has dropped to such a critical low that there aren’t enough to staff all the equipment to keep you as safe as possible.

A Perilous Situation

The number of firefighters has reached a point where they can’t be on the fire engine and ambulance at the same time. That means when a fire engine is needed, an ambulance is not available, and when an ambulance is responding to an emergency, a fire engine can’t respond.

Your firefighters can’t be in two places at once, and unfortunately, this has already proved disastrous. At a recent fire, an Orinda home burned while the nearest engine sat without firefighters because they were on another emergency with the ambulance.

A More Effective, Efficient Response

Up for discussion is an idea that could potentially remove firefighters from ambulances in favor of medics who only handle medical emergencies. Keeping firefighters on these ambulances allows the department to be more effective and cost-efficient, since they’re multi-faceted, multi-talented, and are qualified to fight the fire, provide medical services, and more.

When it’s your emergency, you want every firefighter possible to come to your door.

Act Today

Contact the Board of Directors today and tell them to prioritize public safety and increase the number firefighters in our community.

Firefighters are the Experts on Public Safety

Your firefighters are the authorities on public safety – And they do more than fight fires. From car accidents to hazardous materials incidents, to wildfires, and even the old cat stuck in a tree, firefighters are multi-faceted problem solvers who have the training and qualifications to keep our community a great place to live, raise a family, and own a business.

Contact the Board of Directors Today

In an emergency, seconds count. You want enough firefighters on hand to solve the issue at hand in a quick and professional manner. Contact the Board of Directors today and tell them to prioritize public safety and add the fire fighters we need to keep our community safe.