Shortly after 6pm on Saturday, April 27th, Contra Costa County Fire District Engine 82 responded to a report of a 4 year old female drowning in the pool at the In-Shape Fitness facility on Lone Tree Way in Antioch. Fitness center staff reported they were performing CPR on the girl who was pulled from the pool. Engine 82, with two paramedics on board, arrived on scene within two minutes. They began immediate Advanced Life Support (ALS) care for the little girl who had no pulse and was not breathing. The crew from Engine 82 was able to successfully resuscitate the girl who had a pulse and was beginning to breathe before the arrival of the ambulance.

As of Tuesday, April 30th, the girl is reported to have made a full recovery at Children’s Hospital of Oakland. She is alert, active, and has regained all of her motor skills with no loss of neurological function. She is expected to be discharged within a day.

This case demonstrates the extreme value of fire engine-based ALS, the importance of quick on-scene times and their link to significant and positive patient outcomes.

As the temperature heats up and we get ready for spending time in and around the pool, please remember to take precautions to make sure all your little ones are safe from drowning. For more information about drowning prevention, click here.