CCCFPD Firefighter/Paramedic Describing Impact of Calls With Children

Up2U is a powerful high school student assembly, using real-life scenarios and live presentations to impart the far-reaching consequences of drug and alcohol abuse to teens, and the importance of choice in their lives.

The professionally produced program outlines the dangers and choices open to teens, and the physical and emotional impact that their decision-making has, not only on themselves, but on others around them, whether peers, family, professionals or others.

The high-impact one-hour event uses a mixture of customized video elements and live presenters who are or have been directly affected by drug abuse scenarios, including emergency services and healthcare professionals, recovering addicts and family members of drug abuse victims.

The event puts the audience face-to-face with the issues and outcomes of drug and alcohol abuse, ranging from illegal substances to prescription medications and household items.


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