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Disappointment in the East Bay Times’ Editorial About the Race for MOFD Board

As proud front line firefighters and union members, we were disappointed in the East Bay
Times’ editorial about the race for Moraga-Orinda Fire District Board.

Instead of considering the range of genuine public safety issues, the Times opted for yet
another boilerplate anti-union screed, with the proud fire service professionals on the ballot
reduced to caricatures. That the Times’ broadside at these individuals was published on
September 11 th seemed an especially nasty shot.

The fact is that Moraga-Orinda faces critical public safety issues, the same as countless other
agencies: staffing to meet an unreal fire risk, effective medical response when seconds count,
ensuring the people we serve get the service they deserve, rather than the one politicians deign
to offer.

Nobody understands these issues better than those who have lived and worked them. Greg
Baitx, Michael Donner and Steve Danziger have done just that. They are the right choice for

- Vince Wells, President

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