Fireworks Are Illegal In Contra Costa County

firelworks_illegal_signJust a reminder that ALL fireworks of any kind including the "safe and sane" type are ILLEGAL in Contra Costa County.

Sale, possession or discharge of fireworks is illegal, constitutes a misdemeanor and is a violation of Contra Costa County Ordinance, section 44-2.002

Being in the 4th year of a major drought, local vegetation is extremely dry and fires can spread rapidly. Weather is forecast to be in the upper 80's to 100 degrees in the week leading up to the 4th of July.

Please take extra precaution outdoors when using power equipment near dry grass. Ensure you have a defensible space around your home, addresses are clearly marked and visible from the street, combustible/flammable materials are moved away from your home, and your roof and gutters are clear of dry leaves and branches.

List of Bay Area Fireworks Displays in the Bay Area:…/bay-area-fourth-of-july-firew…/124287/

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