Make Safe Happen – Water Safety Tips for Kids

33174 msh iaff fb water firstswimSummer is here and hot weather is upon us!

Whether it’s in a tub, a toilet or a pool, water of any depth can be dangerous for kids. But by taking the right precautions, you can protect them. Read on to learn how.

The IAFF and Nationwide Insurance have teamed up on a new safety campaign as part of Nationwide’s “Make Safe Happen” child safety initiative to educate and raise awareness of preventable childhood injuries and death.

According to the CDC, drowning is the number-one cause of injury-related death in children under the age of four. Whether it’s in a tub or a pool, water of any depth can be dangerous for kids.

This co-branded Water Safety campaign offers safety tips and other resources, including bathtub safety, how to identify “dry drowning” and how to keep your swim area safe.

Please take a moment and read the safety tips.

Enjoy your summer!


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