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Michele Drive 10 Year Anniversary


July 21, 2017 marked the ten year anniversary of the Michelle Drive fire that claimed the lives of Captain Matt Burton and Engineer Scott Desmond from Contra Costa Fire, as well as the lives of the two elderly residents of the structure.

After the fire, an investigative report was undertaken by the district to identify the conditions that led to the deaths of the two firefighters. After ten years, the District has compiled a new report, analyzing the 115 recommendations made in the original report to see where we were as a District.

At the time of this printing, of the 115 recommendations that stemmed from the Michele Drive Line of Duty Deaths Investigative Report, 69 are deemed as being completed or sufficiently addressed, 38 are deemed partially completed with more work recommended, and 8 are deemed not completed or addressed.

As Fire Chief Jeff Carman notes, “Although it has been ten years since Matt and Scott paid the ultimate sacrifice, their memory is etched in the hearts and souls of every member at ConFire. While we cannot bring them back, we remember them every day by making sure that we remember the lessons learned on that fateful day. I am grateful to be part of an organization that honors the sacrifices of those who have gone before us and ensures they are never forgotten.”

Michele Drive: Ten Years Later Report