Reminder *ALL Fireworks Are Illegal In Contra Costa County*

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Fire Investigator Vic Massenkoff speaks on camera (link below) about the dangers of illegal fireworks and how common they have become in the County each Fourth of July.

As a reminder, the sale, possession, or discharge of fireworks, including sparklers and other so-called "safe & sane" fireworks is illegal in Contra Costa County, and constitutes a misdemeanor and is a violation of Contra Costa County Ordinance Section 44-2.002.

If you have fireworks for disposal please call your local police department or fire department. Do not take fireworks to a fire station.

There are many dangers of illegal fireworks and they have become very common in the County each Fourth of July. Please be safe this Fourth of July and attend a professional display at one of the many events scheduled in the Bay Area.

Thank you for keeping everyone safe this 4th of July.

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