Sandbag Locations In Unincorporated Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff is providing information on sandbags for the unincorporated areas of the County. Residents must provide their own shovel and transportation. Sand and the bags are available at:

West County Detention Facility, 5555 Giant Hwy, Richmond.
Sandbags are cached on site in a container at the sand cradle located on the south side of the facility public parking area.

Bay Point:
Ambrose Recreation & Park Center — 3105 Willow Pass Road, Bay Point. West side of the parking lot next to one of the trees approximately ¾ of the way back to the playing fields. Sandbags are cached in a container on site at the sand cradle.

Senior Center, 215 Second Street, Oakley.
Materials are located at the south end of the parking lot beside a large tree adjacent to the Office of the Sheriff Delta Station.

County Public Works, 2475 Waterbird Way, Pacheco.
Sandbags are cached in a container on site at the sand cradle.

Walnut Creek:
Howe Homestead, 2950 Walnut Boulevard, Walnut Creek.
Materials are located in the parking lot.

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