Contra Costa County Fire Protection District & American Medical Response Form The 'Alliance'

[youtube] The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District is getting innovative with the way it does business and serves its community. It's recently teamed up with the Sheriff's office in providing Air Operations and more recently, CCCFPD partnered with AMR ambulance to provide pre-hospital care. This 'Alliance' assures the right resources are being dispatched at the right time and in a cost effective way.
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Contra Costa County Fire Protection District's Pool Safety Council Presents "June Pool Day"

Tomorrow, Friday, June 19th, 2015 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park 147 Gregory Ln Pleasant Hill, CA Water Safety First! Learn about pool safety from local lifeguards, paramedics, firefighters and medical flight crews! Pools and spray grounds will be open for public swimming, lifeguard demonstrations and more! FREE ADMISSION
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CCCFPD Fire Station Closures

December 11th, 2012Shortly after 7pm the Board of Directors voted unanimously 5-0 with recommendation from the Fire Chief, Daryl Louder, to close four (4) fire stations effective January 15th, 2013. The Fire District presented additional information and analysis regarding the four fire stations identified for closure. Additional information was provided by staff from County EMS staff and American Medical Response regarding the effects on emergency medical first response should the stations close...
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The Importance Of Measure Q and the Partnership Between Fire and EMS

Why is this Ballot Measure so Important: The Fire Agencies are our (American Medical Response Ambulance) partners and need help to get the Measure passed to ensure current FD stations remain open and adequate FD personnel levels are maintained. In addition to contractual compliance metrics, AMR measures our EMS system success on community/patient outcomes. These are achieved through collaborative efforts with response times, joint treatment skills/intervention and rapid transport. Together we ac...
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Why Do We Send A Fire Engine To A Medical Emergency?

Many people haven’t thought of what to expect when they dial 911. If they have, they may figure that a call for help means that someone will show up relatively quickly and deal with their problem. If someone were to ask you why you would call 911 you would list a handful of situations. At the top of that list would likely be a medical emergency, fire, burglar and the like. But do you give much thought to who shows up or how they get there and who decided that is the best way to respond to your e...
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