KTVU News Story About 4 Year Old Miracle

In a testament to miracles, a 4 year old Martinez boy survives after accidentally being run over less than a year ago. See his story and hear from his parents, Contra Costa Firefighters and REACH Air Ambulance in a KTVU Channel 2 News story today.Link to CCCFPDTV YouTube News Story on Channel 2 News
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Preventing "Backover" or "Frontover” Tragedies While Driving

Danger can come from any direction, and parents must be aware of the risk of "backover" or "frontover" incidents. Many of these preventable injuries and deaths occur in driveways or parking lots when drivers are unaware children are near vehicles. Tragically, these drivers are often family members or friends of the injured child. Parents, caregivers, drivers, and kids can all do their part to make sure that children do not share the same space as vehicles.Walk all the way around your parked vehi...
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