CCCFPD Fire Station Closures

December 11th, 2012Shortly after 7pm the Board of Directors voted unanimously 5-0 with recommendation from the Fire Chief, Daryl Louder, to close four (4) fire stations effective January 15th, 2013. The Fire District presented additional information and analysis regarding the four fire stations identified for closure. Additional information was provided by staff from County EMS staff and American Medical Response regarding the effects on emergency medical first response should the stations close...
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Contra Costa County Fire Chief Daryl Louder Sets Out Fire Station Shutdown Plan

Contra Costa County Fire Chief Daryl Louder sets out fire station shutdown plan. Fire Chief said the reductions have consequences."Losing 10 of its 28 stations will lead to longer response times, more fire damage, greater chance of injury or death for emergency patients, and reduced participation in the regional and state mutual aid system," he predicted."Fire service cutbacks will also impact the county's ambulance service," Emergency Medical Services Director Patricia Frost told county supervi...
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California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Statement on Measure S

Statement issued on May 15th, 2012 from California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Measure S:“As California’s Insurance Commissioner, I am concerned that the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District is facing serious budget shortfalls that could significantly impact your homeowners insurance rates.Measure S on the June 5th ballot will protect your current fire protection service. Most insurance companies use a Public Protection Classification program that evaluates key areas of fire...
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