Vote NO on Measure P in Pinole!

The Firefighters who work for the City of Pinole and who are members of Local 1230 are encouraging the citizens of Pinole to Vote No on Measure P. A yes vote on Measure P would overturn a citizen’s referendum made back in 2008 which passed by over 70% to establish term limits. This Measure is being brought forward by the city council. This election cycle would be the first election that the term limits would apply. By them putting this Measure on the ballot will costs the citizens of Pinole over $30,000.00. Term limits were established by the citizens so it should come from the citizens to get rid of them. 

This shows arrogance and selfishness on the council’s part. 

This current council has neglected the fire department since they have been in office. Since closing Station 74 they have done nothing to restore services. They have passed two taxes since the closure of 74 in 2012 by making it seem like re-opening station 74 in Pinole Valley was a possibility if the measures passed. Instead they have continued to siphon money from the fire department's budget, allowing the station and equipment to go years without repair. The morale is at an all time low and the department has been forced to hire an unqualified Chief because nobody qualified is interested in taking the job. The City used to have a ladder truck and backup fire equipment. Now the three-year-old engine has been run into the ground and is in need of major repair work. They can’t get it into the shop because they lack a qualified backup engine and are forced to borrow a spare from an outside agency. We have complained to management and for years with no relief. 

They continue to blame the council for their lack of interest in providing the necessary attention to address our concerns. Well it’s time for a change then. Approving the elimination of term limits helps assure de ja vu! Support your firefighters and join us in spreading the word.

Vote No on Measure P!!

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