Vote YES On Measure Q! Keep Contra Costa Fire And Emergency Services!

In an emergency seconds count. When you call 9-1-1 you expect an immediate response.

Your Contra Costa County firefighters are on call every day to help you in an emergency. They respond to 9-1-1 calls quickly and efficiently. You can ensure our firefighters are there when you need it by voting yes on Measure Q.

When a fire rages or accident happens, every second of response time is critical. Permanent brain damage can occur in as little as four minutes and brain death in as little as eight minutes. Your local firefighters work hard to provide capable, quick responses when you dial 9-1-1. They are highly trained to give the care you need and save lives.

National standards indicated we need 600 firefighters to be able to provide adequate emergency response. We currently have only 265 firefighters serving our community - doing the best they can with limited resources.

The economic downturn has hurt us all and the loss of revenue has made it harder for our firefighters to do their jobs. The fire department cut back on overhead costs, and firefighters gave up 10% of their salaries and are working to reduce pension benefits. These costs savings will help achieve long-term financial stability, but they won’t fix our short-term revenue gap.

The firefighters are asking you to help them close this budget gap with a $75 annual parcel tax to keep critical fire and emergency services. For $6.25 a month, you can ensure that firefighters and lifesaving medical professionals have the resources they need to respond quickly in an emergency. This is a temporary measure that will end in 7 years. All funds raised by this measure will stay in our community and can only be spent on fire and emergency medical services.

Vote YES on Measure Q by mail or on Tuesday, November 6th!

Join us online at, or @ProtectCCFire