Moraga-Orinda Fire District

About MOFD

The Moraga-Orinda Fire Protection District (MOFD) provides fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services in the City of Orinda, the Town of Moraga, some unincorporated county areas adjacent to the municipalities, and the community of Canyon. The MOFD also provides automatic aid into Lafayette and State Responsibility Areas (SRA) that lie within the District's boundaries.

The District’s primary accomplishments in recent years have been the result of focused efforts to improve service levels while containing the costs of these services. Service-level improvements include adding a full-time paramedic ambulance at Fire Station-45 in Orinda, an additional (cross-staffed) paramedic ambulance at Fire Station-44 in Orinda, improving the vegetation management program, and deploying a mine-tunnel rescue team for the Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore Project. All properties within the municipal boundaries or the City of Orinda and the Town of Moraga have a rating of "3." A rating of “9” is given for the rural areas of Bollinger Canyon and the community of Canyon

The District proudly provides an “all-risk” delivery system and will respond and mitigate any incident that has harmful physical effects to persons or property. Within the District, there are five strategically located fire stations which deploy a wide variety of apparatus for specific emergencies. Each fire engine, fire truck and cross-staffed ambulance is staffed with at least one firefighter/paramedic. The two full-time ambulances, located at Station 41 and Station 45, are staffed with two firefighter/paramedics.